Essentials Box
Essentials Box
Essentials Box

Essentials Box

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Essentials box, a kit for beginners.

Containing everything you need to start your crystal journey or simply add to your current collection, our essentials box is perfect for everyone.

Each box contains

Amethyst Cluster : For stress relief & calming

Clear Quartz Cluster: For amplifying the intentions set into crystals

Rose Quartz Raw Form: A crystals for emotions and the Heart Chakra

Obsidian Raw For: A crystal for protection

Tourmaline Raw For: A crystal for grounding

Mini Selenite Tower: The ever cleansing crystal

Small loose Sage: To cleanse your new crystals and your space.

Note: No 2 crystals will be exactly the same and will vary in shape, size and weight.

All crystals are cleansed before being sent.